Monday, December 3, 2012

Hamilton Police Chief Glenn De Caire's Salary

I've blogged lately about Hamilton Police Chief Glenn De Caire's demand for 5.25% more police funding this year, despite other departments holding the line as well as a long line of previous increases for the police force.

Management pay for the City of Hamilton seems to be frozen lately, so I thought I would look to see how De Caire's salary has changed recently with the latest available sunshine list data for the city of Hamilton. In 2011, De Caire received $233,410,69 compared to $201,616.48 in salary, thus almost a 16% increase from 2010 to 2011. De Caire was appointed police chief in 2009 so we know that his 2010 salary all comes from being chief of police and not for being a deputy chief for part of the year. Why such a large salary increase? Why not something more reasonable given the economy and the increase in the city's revenues from 2010 to 2011? It should be interesting to see what the number is for the sunshine list for 2012 which comes out in March.

Regarding this large increase, is it possible for the senior management of the police to have their salary frozen like those of the rest of the city's management? There may be something contractual with the police that may prevent this, however freezing salaries for inspectors and up would probably cut down on the 5.25% increase De Caire is asking for in 2013. Along with cutting the mounted unit and no new officers and you're left with a much more reasonable increase in the police budget.

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