Sunday, April 14, 2013

Huntsville 2012 Sunshine List and Analysis

Here is the 2011 sunshine list (released in March 2012) and analysis for Huntsville. The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 9.

The number of Managers is 1
The number of Directors is 5

Here's the entire list in alphabetical order. The salary ranking of the individual is included at the left.
6    Town of Huntsville     CORRY     DENISE     Executive Director of Corporate Services/Clerk     $103,207.70     $320.32
3    Town of Huntsville     CROZIER     BRIAN     Property Manager     $108,998.01     $220.32
5    Town of Huntsville     DUCE     DEBORAH     Chief Librarian and Chief Executive Officer     $103,568.70     $220.32
7    Town of Huntsville     GOOCH     MICHAEL     Executive Director of Development Services     $103,207.70     $10,778.11
2    Town of Huntsville     HERNEN     STEPHEN     Fire Chief     $114,114.41     $594.20
9    Town of Huntsville     LAMBE     KARINA     Executive Director of Community Services & Economic Development     $100,360.77     $220.14
4    Town of Huntsville     MARSHALL     CHRIS     Director of Planning and Sustainability     $105,995.19     $220.32
1    Town of Huntsville     PENDER     KELLY     Chief Administrative Officer     $140,589.37     $3,820.28
8    Town of Huntsville     SMITH     LISA     Executive Director of Organizational Development and Strategy     $100,420.31     $220.14

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