Saturday, October 19, 2013

Almonte General Hospital 2012 Sunshine List, Rankings and Analysis

Here is the 2012 sunshine list (released in March 2013) and analysis for Almonte General Hospital. The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 7. View 2011 results here, and the 2013 results here.

The number of Managers is 2
The number of Supervisors is 1
The number of Vice Presidents is 2
The number of Team Leads is 1

Total of Salaries on the Sunshine List: $861,466

Here's the entire list in alphabetical order. The salary ranking of the individual is included at the left.
5    Almonte General Hospital    BURNS    BRIAN    Vice President & Chief Financial Officer    $109,767.35    $665.50
7    Almonte General Hospital    GALLANT    DANIEL    Operations Manager Lanark County Ambulance Service    $100,551.39    $393.81
3    Almonte General Hospital    MCPHERSON    EDWARD    Assistant Manager Lanark County Ambulance Service    $119,416.68    $527.71
2    Almonte General Hospital    O'CONNELL    KATHY    Supervisor    $120,438.24    $0.00
4    Almonte General Hospital    SHAW    RANDY    Vice President Corporate Support Services    $110,916.00    $668.64
6    Almonte General Hospital    WARD    AVIS    Team Leader Operating Room    $103,394.38    $489.48
1    Almonte General Hospital    WILSON TRIDER    MARY    President & Chief Executive Officer    $196,982.42    $1,114.44

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