Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Porcupine Health Unit 2012 Sunshine List, Rankings and Analysis

Here is the 2012 sunshine list (released in March 2013) and analysis for Porcupine Health Unit. The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 8.  Last year's list available here, and the 2013 list is available here.

The number of Managers is 6

Total of Salaries on the Sunshine List: $1,067,377

Here's the entire list in alphabetical order. The salary ranking of the individual is included at the left.
3    Porcupine Health Unit    AUBIN    JOELLE    Manager of Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention    $109,343.54    $476.14
7    Porcupine Health Unit    BELL    ROBERT    Manager of Public Health Inspection    $104,393.68    $458.31
6    Porcupine Health Unit    DEIULIS    PAUL    Manager of Administrative Services    $106,542.55    $476.14
4    Porcupine Health Unit    HORBUL    BETTY-ANN    Manager Nutrition Services /Dental Services/Preschool Speech and Language    $107,568.23    $476.14
8    Porcupine Health Unit    LEGGETT    LYNN    Manager of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Services    $103,991.51    $465.08
1    Porcupine Health Unit    RAMSINGH    ROSEMARIE    Medical Officer of Health    $301,821.41    $747.96
2    Porcupine Health Unit    WEST    DONALD    Chief Administrative Officer    $127,174.12    $557.62
5    Porcupine Health Unit    YUSKOW    SUSAN    Manager of Family Health/Chief Nursing Officer    $106,542.57    $476.14

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