Monday, January 19, 2015

Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre 2013 Sunshine List, Rankings and Analysis

Here is the 2013 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre (released March 28th, 2014). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 3. The total salaries on the list is $382,775.12, with the average salary for someone on the list of $127,591.71. Last year's list is available here.

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
Name Salary Ranking Position Salary Benefits
FREDERICK FOTOPOULOS 2 Chief Financial Officer $130,238.18 $0.00
RONALD SETO 3 Director Pharmacy $105,073.30 $593.52
MARILYN WHARTON 1 Executive Director Patient Care $147,463.64 $0.00

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